Ti-240 Two Wire Controllers

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Ti-240 Two Wire Controller

An easy to install user friendly two wire system with an unparalleled level of reliability.

Base model supports up to 240 valves but can be easily expanded to support up to 640 valves. Patented optical technology protects against electrical and lightening surges. Convenience of standalone or option to operate through your PC, tablet or Smartphone.

  • Easy to Expand -  Simply connect a decoder at the nearest point along the 2 wire cable where it is needed. Additional cable drivers, each supporting up to 240 valves can be added.
  • Additional Inputs - A range of additional inputs can be added e.g. digital inputs, flow meter inputs or switched inputs.
  • Built in Decoder Protection - Decoders have their own surge suppression, thermal trip and are fully waterproof.
  • Reliable Communication -Communication between decoders and the controller is tolerant to poor cabling and earth leakages. Standard grease filled crimps can be used for joining the cable and decoders.
  • Easy to Use - Large LCD display and menu driven displays.
  • Extensive Optional Features List  - Select the features you want from a list of options. The features will then appear in the controller’s Main Menu for you to use.
  • Extensive Program Options - Name valves,  up to 12 valves in parallel, 64 auto starts, irrigate on time or volume.
  • Sensors - Integrate  with our sensors, weather stations and dosing systems.
  • Irrigation Control Options - Irrigation can be controlled by light, rain, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction or flow meters.
  • Flexible Operation - Standalone or operation through smartphone, tablet or PC.

Program Specification

  • Up to 60 independent programs.
  • Run up to 16 valves in parallel.
  • Up to 64 automatic starts.
  • Daily, weekly and variable period automatic starts.
  • Automatic starts can be set to run on odd or even days.
  • Valves can be individually named e.g. Lawn1, Bed1.
  • Valves can be specified to run on a time or volume basis.
  • Valves can be allocated to one of five water meters.
  • An optimal flow can be entered for every valve.
  • A minimum, maximum and pipe break flow rate can be specified for eachwater meter.
  • Valve times can be set from a minimum of 2 seconds to 10 hours.
  • Valves can be allocated to an irrigation group.
  • Rainfall can be monitored over 1 to 4 days, irrigation programs can be reduced by 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.
  • Manual percentage adjust (0% to 250%) .
  • Separate manual percentage adjust for programs and valve groups.
  • Continual cycling of irrigation programs between specified time of day. Delay 
    between cycles can be set from 1 minute to 9 hours.
  • Manually start an individual program or valve.
  • Manually start multiple programs.
  • User can select which program to stop or manually advance if multiple 
    programs are running.
  • Pump pressurisation time can be set in minutes and seconds.
  • Programs can be configured to start, stop, freeze or manually advance on a remote input.
  • Up to 10 remote inputs can be connected.
  • Programs can be allocated up to 5 pump starts or master valves.
  • Valves can be defined as ‘special outputs’ to control external devices e.g. fill a pond, switch lighting.
  • Valves can be defined for back flush use.
  • Irrigation programs can be inhibited by wind speed or wind direction.
  • Programs can be integrated with light, rain, humidity, temperature sensors.
  • Irrigation can be controlled from a calculated evapotransparition (ET) value. The ET value can be calculated using a variety of sensors depending upon the required accuracy.
  • Programs can be attached to a dosing recipe.

Hardware Specification

  • Controllers are available in 3 sizes, supporting 40, 240 and 640 valves.
  • Up to 5 cable drivers can be connected to one irrigation controller.
  • Total output current of each cable driver is 1.6A.
  • Compatible with any 24V AC solenoid valve.
  • 1 , 2 or 3 output decoders available.
  • Output current is measured which can be displayed for diagnostic purposes.
  • Each Cable drivers have electronic over load cut out.
  • Range of pump start decoder options.
  • Standard decoder can be used as a master valve decoder or pump decoder.
  • Three digital inputs.
  • One socket to connect additional cards and line drivers.
  • One data connector to connect PC and GSM mobile phone module.
  • Designed to operate in an industrial environment. High electrical noise immunity, can withstand a 2.5KV electrical spike.
  • All outputs protected against electrical surges exceeding ANSI C62 surge suppression standards.
  • Battery backed-up clock. Clock immune to electrical noise.

Ti-240 Models

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Standard Models 

The Ti-240 irrigation controller operates 240 valves and supplied in a plastic box ready to wall mount as standard.


Cable Driver Expansion Boxes

Additional cable driver boxes can be added to support the operation of more valves. Each cable driver box can support up to 240 additional valves.


Battery Powered

Battery powered versions of our irrigation controllers are available.


Steel Lockable Box

Option to supply our irrigation controllers in a steel lockable box ready for wall mounting.

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