Multi Wire Controllers

New for 2023   -   HM-Pro Controllers

Heron Electric HM-Pro Multi Wire Irrigation Controller

HM-Pro Multi Wire Controller

Intelligent water management with Heron’s most powerful multi-wire irrigation controller

The HM-Pro provides an extremely reliable and flexible solution for irrigation in horticulture, landscape, agriculture and glass houses.

  • Stay Connected  - HM-Pro controllers can be operated as standalone controllers. Or using Heron's web app through any device that connects to the internet.
  • Flexible Modular Design  - Simple plug in cards enable the user to customise the number of valves and upgrade their HM-Pro
    controller. Sensors, weather stations and dosing systems can all be integrated with the HM-Pro with ease.
    A hybrid version is also available which can be operated by both mains and battery power.
  • Precise Water Management   - The HM-Pro comes with a comprehensive range of management and diagnostic features to save you time
    and enable you to optimise your irrigation.

    • Daily event log with weekly, monthly and seasonal reports.
    • The ability to send alert emails and daily volume reports to 5 nominated email accounts.
    • Data backup facility to restore your controller’s settings or to transfer settings to a new controller.
    • Realtime flow and pressure monitoring.
  • Easy to Use - The operation of the HM-Pro is menu driven. This along
    with its large graphical display makes the operation of the controller intuitive and easy to use.
  • Tailor Your Controller  -The HM-Pro comes with a comprehensive
    set of configuration options so that you can tailor your controller to match
    your specific needs. Only the options you select will be displayed on the
    controller’s menus.
  • Intergrate with Sensors - The HM-Pro integrates seamlessly with our range of sensors or a full weather station. Irrigation can be controlled by light, temperature, rainfall, soil moisture, wind direction and a calculated evapo-transpiration (ET) value. Moisture sensors can be connected out in the
    field via the two core cable.
  • Fertiliser and Acid Doing  - Up to 4 Heron dosing systems can be connected to one irrigation controller.

Program Specification

  • Up to 28 independent programs.
  • Naming of programs, valves and inputs.
  • Calculation of program end time for automatic starts.
  • 64 configurable automatic starts. Day of the week, weekend, week day, variable, once only on a specified date.
  • Up to 8 continual cycling starts.
  • Up to 3 co-valves can be assigned to any valve.
  • High and low flow limits can be set per valve.
  • Valve times can be set from a minimum of 3 second to 60 hours.
  • Rainfall can be monitored over 1 to 4 days, irrigation programs can be reduced by 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.
  • Valves can be defined for back flush use.
  • Programs can be integrated with light, rain, humidity, soil moisture and temperature sensors or full weather station.
  • Irrigation can be controlled from a calculated evapo-transpirition (ET) value. The ET value can be calculated every hour.
  • Comprehensive event log.
  • Fertigation facility to run fresh water followed by fertilizer and then fresh water.

Hardware Specification

  • Extra large graphical display - 115mm x 80 mm.
  • Up to 4 multi-wire cable drivers can be connected to one irrigation controller.
  • Run up to 4 valves in parallel on one cable driver.
  • Total output current of each multi-wire cable driver is 1.0A.
  • 4 inputs as standard, start, stop, weather station and flow meter.
  • Compatible with any 24V AC solenoid valve.
  • Up to 9 flow meters can be connected. Real-time flow monitoring.
  • Flow meter input can read to 0.1LPM.
  • Up to 16 remote inputs available.
  • 2 pump outputs
  • Operate 96 valves with one additional add box, 144 valves with two additional add boxes.
  • Designed to operate in an industrial environment. High electrical noise immunity and all outputs protected against
    electrical surges exceeding ANSIC62 surge suppression standards.

HTPro Models

Heron Electric Multi-Wire Controller HM-Pro

Standard Models 

HM-Pro controllers come in 3 sizes to support  :

  • Up to 12 zones
  • Up to 16 zones
  • Up to 144 zones.

Upgrade and Expand 

Simple plug-in cards enable you to customise the number of valves and integrate the HM-Pro with sensors with ease.



Battery Powered 

Battery powered versions of our irrigation controllers are available.


Steel Lockable Box

Option to supply our irrigation controllers in a steel lockable box ready for wall mounting.