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Heron Electric

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of irrigation and dosing control systems

for the horticulture, agriculture, landscape and golf industries.

New for 2023

HT-Pro and HM-Pro Controllers

Our most powerful irrigation controllers to date with industry leading patented surge suppression technology.

HT-Pro Two Wire Controller

  • HT-Pro Models

    HT-Pro controllers come in 3 sizes, up to 40 zones, up to 240 zones and up to 440 zones. 

  • Unique Patented Surge Suppression

    Our industry leading surge suppression technology is built into every decoder, pump output and controller. 

  • Flexible Configuration

    Up to 5 cable paths, each supporting up to 5km of independent cable.

  • Tailor to Your Needs

    Comprehensive configuration options allow you to tailor the controller to meet your needs. 

HM-Pro Multi Wire Controller

Heron Electric HM-Pro Multi Wire Irrigation Controller
Heron HM-Pro Output box
  • HM-Pro Models

    HM-Pro controllers come in 3 sizes, up to 12 zones, up to 16 zones and up to 144 zones. 

  • Precise Water Management

    Optimise your irrigation with a comprehensive range of management and diagnostic features.

  • Integration with Sensors and Dosing

    The HM-Pro seamlessly integrates seamlessly with our range of sensors, a full weather station or our fertiliser and acid dosing systems.

  • Easy to Use

    With its large graphical display and menu driven operation, the HM-Pro is intuitive to use. 

Operate your irrigation controller from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Heron's new web app gives you the convenience to operate and monitor your irrigation controller from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Compatible with apple and android devices.

  • Operate

    Start valves, programs, pumps. Create and adjust irrigation programs. Adjust watering percentages. 

  • Monitor

    View the current status of your irrigation controller and sensor readings. View the latest events log. 

  • Alerts

    Receive alarm condition texts and email alerts 

  • Report

    Run daily, weekly or monthly reports for individual valves and flow meters.  Create and view graphs of sensor readings. 

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