Ti-B Hybrid Two Wire Battery Controllers


The Ti-B hybrid controller is designed to work with electrical generators. The controller will run from battery power and then start a generator when it is time to irrigate. When the generator has started the controller will then run from the generated electrical supply.

  • Operates regular 24V AC solenoid valves and decoders.
  • The ti-B hybrid controllers can operate 40 to 240 decoders.
  • Compatible with Heron dosing systems.
  • Generator ru up and run down facility.
  • Generator start output.
  • 7AH battery included with battery charge facility.


Battery Controllers Quick Spec

Multi-wire, two-wire and two-wire hybrid battery version controllers available.

Multi-wire model operates  4 , 8, or 16  8-16V latching solenoid valves.

Two-wire models operate up to 40 to 60 decoders via 8-16V latching solenoid valves.

Two-wire hybrid version operates 40 - 240 decoders via regular 24V AC solenoid valves.

Ability to connect to the internet via GSM

Choose How You Want to Work

Operate your controller through the internet or from your mobile phone.