Mi-144 Hardware Specification

  • Compatible with any 24V AC solenoid valve.
  • Option to operate DC valves.
  • Output current 1.2amps (resistive) with electronic overload cut-out.
  • Output current is measured which can be displayed for diagnostic purposes.
  • Two pump starts.
  • Three digital inputs.
  • One socket to connect additional cards
  • Two sockets for connecting additional output boxes.
  • One data conector to connect to a PC or GSM mobile phone module.
  • Designed to operate in an industrial environment. High electrical noise immunity, can withstand a 2.5KV spike.
  • Battery backed up real tme clock. Real time clock immune to high electrical noise.
  • All outputs protected against electrical surges exceeding ANSI C62 surge suppression standards.


Mi-144 Quick Spec

Operate 4 - 144 valves

Model sizes available 4, 8, 12 or 16 valves

Up to 60 independent programs

Run 6 valves in parallel as standard 


Choose How You Want to Work

Operate your controller through the internet or from your mobile phone.