Mi144 Models

  • Standard models
    Standard models

    The Mi-144 is available in 4,8,12 or 16 valve sizes supplied in a plastic box ready to wall mount as standard. 

  • Steel lockable box
    Steel lockable box

    Option to supply our irrigation controllers in a steel lockable box ready for wall mounting.

  • Battery powered
    Battery powered

    Battery powered versions of our irrigation controllers are available.

  • Expansion kits
    Expansion kits

    The Mi-144 standard expansion kit consists of an expansion box and one output card.

    Each output card supports the operation of an additional 16 valves. Each expansion box can accommodate up to four output cards. 


Mi-144 Quick Spec

Operate 4 - 144 valves

Model sizes available 4, 8, 12 or 16 valves

Up to 60 independent programs

Run 6 valves in parallel as standard 


Choose How You Want to Work

Operate your controller through the internet or from your mobile phone.