Operate your irrigation controller from your PC using Heron\\\'s  \"Ground Control\" software.


  • Enhance Your Controller

    Enhance Your Controller
    • All the functions on the irrigation controller can be operated from the PC. 
    • Irrigation programs can easily be constructed. 
    • All irrigation events are logged including any errors. 
    • Sensor readings can also be logged including EC and pH and volume. 
    • Dynamic status of sensor readings and inputs can be displayed. 
    • Estimated water usage per valve can be calculated. 
    • Historical data can be printed as a graph. 
  • Graphical Display

    Graphical Display

    Ground Control includes a comprehensive graphical drawing facility to enable realistic pictures of your irrigation area to be easily drawn. The graphical display allows you to control your irrigation system through the graphical picture.

    • Designed to accommodate any irrigation application. 
    • Simply click on an area to change the irrigation time, 
      start the irrigation or to obtain historical data. 
    • Lawns, greens , woodland, planted areas, roadways, paths, buildings, waterways can all be represented. 
    • Import background image. 
    • Includes zoom in, zoom out, and dynamic pan 
    • Items can be grouped into areas and moved together. Areas can be named and these areas can then be zoomed to. 
  • Program Optimisation

    Program Optimisation
    • For large irrigation systems Ground Control has a program optimisation facility to automatically generate irrigation programs.
    • Draw a flow schematic of the irrigation pipe work.
    • Enter the irrigation time or precipitation required. The software then automatically creates an optimised irrigation schedule for you.
Your irrigation controller can be wired directly to your PC or operated remotely using your mobile phone or the internet. 
No dedicated PC is required to operate Ground Control software.