Full Weather Station

For irrigation applications, the full weather station provides the most accurate calculation of evapo-transpiration (ET) and hence the most accurate control of your irrigation schedule.

The resultant ET value can be used to control the individual programs you select.

The complete weather station for irrigation applications includes the following sensors :

  • Rain Gauge 
  • Temperature 
  • Light 
  • Humidity 
  • Wind speed 
  • Wind direction. 


The individual sensors of the weather station can also operate independently of each other to control the irrigation. For example:

  • The light and temperature sensors can initiate an irrigation sequence once a threshold has been reached.
  • The light sensor can control irrigation cycling by integrating the light power over time to give an energy level. Up to 8 energy level thresholds can be set to control 8 different irrigation programs.
  • The wind sensor can disable irrigation based on direction and speed.